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When Melancholy Strikes During Pregnancy

In a time when she should have been elated, recently pregnant Elizabeth Dowling believed a period of astonished, semi-excited incredulity, swiftly followed by an overwhelming sense of apprehension and fear. “That fear spiraled out of control to the point where I denied I had been pregnant,” she recalls. “I was always expecting for a spontaneous […]

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The Best Natural Treatments for Depression

Most mental health experts concur that the best “natural treatment” for depression is speaking. Forms of chat treatment include cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and psychodynamic treatment. These types of treatment for depression are called. Other kinds of natural treatments for depression which are often used include meditation, exercise, dietary supplements, and acupuncture. “Psychotherapy, with or […]

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When Life Gets You Down: Coping With Situational Depression

You have heard people whine that they are depressed following a separation, a layoff, or an entire terrible week. But are these folks genuinely experiencing depression? We react with symptoms of despair, fear, and sometimes even hopelessness — a sort of reaction that’s frequently known as situational depression, when a nerve-racking situation is very difficult […]

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Form of Club Drug ‘K’ Might Have New Life as Antidepressant

The veterinary tranquilizer ketamine — maybe better known as the illegal “club drug” Special K — may be reformulated for use as an antidepressant, and research workers report assuring early findings. The goal would be to generate a ketamine- without nasty unwanted effects, for example hallucinations. In this new study, which researchers say is the […]

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The best way to Understand Depression in Teens

Teenage angst is nothing new. Teenagers have been slamming bedroom doors and hollering over splits for generations. What is new is the level of expectations that teens face today. Success in high school, artistic, athletic, or whether academic, may function as the sole way to fund ever-increasing college tuition. And aiming to get a well […]

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Taking Control Can Reduce Depression and Anxiety Following Trauma

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A brand new study indicates that how folks react to these events can influence whether they will experience either mental health issue though traumatic life events would be the biggest cause of anxiety or depression. The research, which contemplated survey responses from more than 32,000 participants, was released in PLOS One. Researchers from the University […]

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